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Steven Donziger

Never in the history of our country has this happened... What is corporate prosecution/persecution?

Follow along for the story of @Chevron vs @StevenDonziger... You can look through videos and hear @StevenDonziger, @PaulPazyMiño, Associate Director of @AmazonWatch and @Ecoshaker clearly articulate this corporate crime in progress or read below:

⁃ Chevron makes an intentional decision to dump toxic waste into the Ecuadorian rainforest

⁃ Human rights lawyer @StevenDonziger challenges them in a nine year battle

⁃ He wins a $9.5 billion case against Chevron in their Supreme Court with over a dozen judges

⁃ He wins in 2 countries - Ecuador + Canada

⁃ Chevron buys a judge in NY - #LewisKaplan, to demand Donziger turns over his computer and phone w confidential client info

#LewisKaplan aka @Chevron tries to enlist NY district prosecutors to charge him - they won’t

⁃ Judge #LewisKaplan then hires private law firm #sewardandkissell (who’s a client of Chevron)

⁃ Judge #LewisKaplan assigns Judge #LorettaPreska

⁃ they charge him with criminal contempt ⁃ Donziger files appeal

⁃ Donziger goes to court to address the ‘criminal contempt’ charge and is placed under house arrest

⁃ He is under house arrest in his New York apartment for over 360 days and counting with a criminal ankle monitor Yes - you read that right... This is the first corporate criminal prosecution in the history of our country. Make no mistake people this is a blueprint for how corporations will crush challengers in the future. Chevron has purchased and usurped our judicial system.

FunFact - In addition to having judge #lewiskaplan on payroll - the private law firm #sewardandkissell is a Chevron client and judge #LorettaPreska has direct ties. How bad is Chevron? Every year there is a global day of action ’anti-chevron day’. It’s coming up on May 21.

What can you do? 📞 - call @merrickgarland 202.514.2000 - demand they stop this kangaroo Court and give @StevenDonziger a free trial

📝 - sign petition to #FreeDonziger

💰- donate to #FreeDonziger campaign

How does this make you feel? Drop in comments...

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