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Madalyn Warren

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Meet Madalyn of @EastBranchFarms.


Steward of her little piece of this great planet with a family run organic kimchee farm in #RoxburyNY

Keyword: WORK

From farming to self care, its daily and continuous.

And while we’re at it (talking to self also) stop balking at prices at the farmers market.

These are hand crafted goods that bring far more QUALITY + VALUE than their commercial counterparts.

Madalyn makes the argument for those that questions price of her kimchee, then think nothing of putting the best quality gas in their $50,000 car. What about the MOST important vessel - our body!

The return on investment for self care is immeasurable. Feeling good every day?

What are we willing to pay/do?

How can we move the $$ to make it happen?


Whether you get down in a lab or in the dirt - do what makes you HAPPY so you will be CONSISTENT.

You can support this farm many ways!

@EastBranchFarms in #Roxbury NY:

Socially distance designed

• Friday night Korean BBQ

• Sunday vegetarian picnic

(You can get a sweet private spot for your group of 1-6)

or pick up your picnic to go

• CSA - pick up your weekly biodynamic organically grown veggies, mushroom and fresh herbs

Looking to get out of the city?

Visit with the mighty Madalyn and chat about the circle of life, work ethic and all things fermentation.

She has an airbnb for you and your friends/family.

Purchase their varied small batch jars of kimchee at these NY Greenmarkets:





alternate Saturdays





Help your fellow sustainability warrior and share what changes you’ve made to make sustainability a part of your life.





do what makes you happy

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