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David Karr

David Karr of @Guayaki #yerbamate @agritecture A company that leads with sustainable intent and makes a profit. They trademarked the ‘Market Driven Regeneration™’ business model to regenerate ecosystems and create vibrant communities. It empowers customers to drive real tangible change with every purchase of Guayakí Yerba Mate.

They devoutly believed in the product with humble beginnings taking it on the road like a rock band. Cruisin from town town in vw vans, trucks and rv’s, sharing and promoting their hand picked, shade grown energy beverage. They are able to provide the partner tribes they work with running water, roads, schools and other essentials. David has also realized a personal goal of creating permanent wholistic, device free spaces in the communities to gather and connect around organic food, amazing music etc.

As a company, they have enjoyed steady consistent growth for more than a decade and Guayakí remains a privately held company to steward their vision and ensure their legacy.

This beverage is ferreal. Tested it several times and it clears my mind and gives me steady focused energy for hours - no jitters - no crash.

Have you tried it yet? What’s been your experience?

#guayaki #energybeverage #regenerativefarming #missiondrivenbusiness

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