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Pass the CCIA!
Wait what’s that???

The Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA) The Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA) raises $15 billion per year from corporate polluters and uses it to create good green jobs, invest in frontline communities, and build a renewable economy for New York State.

Memorable quotes from the rally?

“Your zip code should not determine your access to clean water, breathable air and healthy home” #newyorkstatenursesassociation

“The time for cyber empathy is over.” @Arielf_insta age 13

“We need to CIA to hold polluters accountable to use that money to create green jobs for the future for communities of color” @alexia.leclercq

“We’re finally going to see real change being made for our futures and not dominated by corporate greed @kathryn.gioiosa

“Opportunity is real in life is free.The quality is the air we breathe”
Langston Hughes shared by @blake.creates

@xiyebeara @treeageteam @pcm_ny

Wanna stay informed /get involved? Follow @nyrenews and join the over 200 member coalition. Go to their website and check out their toolkit!

#passtheccia #goodgreenjobs #makepolluterspay #justeconomy

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Creative Ways to Compost


Ready to talk some trash and how it can help us toward a circular economy? Welcome to #CreativeWaystoCompost @zerowasteworkshop @nycsanitation #nyfoodwastefair hosted at @brooklynsolarworks

Big ideas:
* Add compost sites to parks and golf courses
* Community compost and training in all neighborhoods - increase awareness + provide #goodgreenjobs for local residents.
* Make our own fertilizer and reduce carting costs to haul it out
* @thetrashwalker digs into previous policy precedents with report and reward systems for solutions on participation. She also suggests reducing trash days and replace with compost and recycle days
* Businesses: Compost hauling is cheaper than waste hauling
Bigger questions:
* Why is the vast majority on #nyc waste infrastructure located in black and brown communities?
* Why do @nycparks not compost?

Reach out to your closest member of #thecompostproject is a multi organization collective @bigreuse @lesecology @earthmatter @nybotanicalgarden, @queensbotanicgarden, @bronxbotanicgarden @snugharborccbg

Do you have ideas/questions?
Drop em below...Wanna get involved, drop your compost or have questions?
Go to
#compostnyccomposting #nyccompostproject #nyccompost #communitycompostmovement

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Eric Adams Primary Night


Meet @EricAdamsforNYC
An electric night with a rainbow coalition of family, friends + supporters.

Top 10 ideas from 100 point plan:
1. Manage our food resources to fight hunger
2. Be the back office for our small businesses
3. Encourage startups in industries of the future to locate here
4. Make new york city the wind power hub of the eastern seaboard + invest in green infrastructure through city’s capital program
5. Return to urban agriculture
6. Improve health and school performance with healthier food
7. Lead by example on climate change
8. Pay for a citywide organics program by partnering with private processors
9. Prepare the next generation of green workers
10. Invest in electric buses

What programs would you like to see as an impact entrepreneur in New York City? #nycmayor2021 #ericadams