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@climatemuseum @kizzycharlesguzman


@climatemuseum @kizzycharlesguzman Executive Director, NYC Office of Climate +Environmental Justice
Moderated by Miranda Massie

What is the big climate plan for New York City in the coming years? Glad you asked. Kizzy‘s environmental advocacy took hold in her teens observing a duality within one green space in Brooklyn. The stark split between a then ultra dangerous prospect park and the @brooklynbotanic garden. Her internship at the #brooklynbotanicgardeninstilled the value of a safe and maintained green space.
This fireside chat was intimate, in-depth and going to be in three parts.

Part 1 • An introduction to the @climatemusuem in #Soho:
* The #climatemuseum and the foundation it’s built on.
* The mission of the #climatemuseum and synergy with New York’s climate strategy
An introduction to:
* #KizzyCharlesGuzman explains the power in cities to create substantial policy and targets
* Areas of focus for New York’s climate resiliency plan and why she's so optimistic.

Part 2 • Schools + Buildings - The evolution from coal to bottom of the barrel oil to electric. A decarbonization story accounting for a whopping 70% of NYC’s carbon emissions.

Part 3 • The most important piece to the whole climate movement - the answer will shock you!

@StevenDonziger ‘Release’ Block Party


Chevron partially relinquishes its shackles around a human rights lawyer who dared to take on a case against them and won…
In two courts in two countries with 9 billion in damages.

How is it that the NY district attorneys can turn the case down, but Chevron can buy their own lawyers and judges in New York City then prosecute and sentence him?? For a misdemeanor? Keeping him on house arrest for almost 3 years?

It’s never happened in US history, but a precedent has now been set. The purchase of the judicial system in New York and the media blackout from news institutions (like the @NYTimes), shines a glaring light on the true control corporations have against whistleblowers and activists.

Reminder: He is just a lawyer on the case - it was collectively brought by the indigenous Amazon peoples. So how did he get ‘prosecuted’? With #RonKuby + #MartinGarbus as defense attorneys?

Finally, the ankle bracelet is off and #StevenDonziger is ‘allowed’ out of his apartment but are you truly free if your assets are frozen with your passport and law license still revoked?

#thisistherevolution #ifwedontgetit #shutitdown #powertothepeople #makechevronpay

@EricAdamsforNYC Election Night 11.2.21 ‘I AM YOU’


The over arching theme of this election night victory speech. It was a grand acknowledgment and celebration of the tapestry of diversity in our great city.
This lifelong civil servant spent the bulk of the time shining a light on the forgotten, the ignored and the disinvested who are often those that make the city run. He referenced much of his own personal story of how the city fails many of its dreamers. Eric is daring us to aspire to those dreams once again.

Top 5 most memorable quotes:

* ‘The goal of government is not to preach but to provide’
* ‘If you don’t educate you will incarcerate’
* ‘I did not come to be served I came to serve’
* ‘Sometimes we are going to try and fail but we are not going to fail at trying’
* ‘Where are you are is not who you are
* ‘We are made up of the best stuff on earth we are New Yorkers’

Some bold people centered promises:
* Unity and support for and amongst all civil servants
* Doulas and nutrition counseling for expecting moms
* Quality universal childcare
* Blue collar green jobs
* Paid internships for youth with the largest corporations
* A pipeline from disinvested neighborhoods to corporate career opportunities
* A grace period for gang members to cross over and receive services and education to transition into sustainable careers

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