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Christmas Market




#climateweekNYC 2022 Inspired by the 1939 World’s Fair.

Imagine a time in which all organizations are working for people and planet and still making profit! Let’s appreciate what it takes to take two giant empty white spaces - and transform them into an immersive ‘fair of the future’. (We got sneak peeks of the before). This expo gives a glimpse of how we will live work and play in the future.

How do we participate in the future we want? What tools will engage and support us?

Food, fashion, home and travel.
Here’s some of who was there…

#anybagproject, #angelchang.official, #terra_dot_do, #oceanum_vela
Food + Agriculture:
Groundcycle, #graindesail
#wildgridsolar - like tinder - but for solar ; )
#S2Amodular - customizable luxury modular ‘smart’ homes. 
Electrically self sustaining.
Nature +Society:
#wildtomorrowfund - nonprofit promoting regenerative travel.

Check out our full coverage here!

What to do in Philly


Check out our coverage on what to do in Philly here!

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A wonderland of self care and actualization connecting you with the power of plants.

Searching for how to be a better you? Explore the wonder of every classic and trending self care solution curated by an experienced and thoughtful staff.

Grab some seasonal treats and herbal elixirs then explore! Ask as many questions as you like. Be assured all products are both hand crafted in house and/or locally sustainably sourced. Follow the supply chain from seed to tincture.

What you will find:
Medicinal mushrooms
Clean organic beauty and fragrance
Cbd and cannaboids
Lotions, potions, creams, crystals and elixirs
Botanical remedies and a wide assortments of teas and tarot cards

Did I mention you can book a free 10 minute session with an herbalist? They have a full slate of free webinars for the community. Weekly tarot and classes on everything from genetic yoga and astrology to midwifery. Be sure to check out affiliate @BoweryCannabisClub (for the cannacurious)

We were here for hours! Support and shop local!
#allchemistkitchen #tinctures #herbalremedies #selfcareproducts #healing #medicinalmushrooms

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