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Looking to showcase your awesome skills?

Want to take a deep dive into sustainability?

Join Greeningfullife as we traverse NY covering all industries around sustainability.

New York is bustling with events that need to be shared with the general public. Many are just too busy to attend but would still like the info.

@Greeningfullife aims to share with those who are interested in living a lower impact lifestyle but lack the tools and resources that make it feasible.


The ‘green’ movement is progressing at a breakneck pace and information gets outdated quickly. @Greeningfullife is boots on the ground leading the pack on developments (and setbacks() of this rapidly burgeoning movement.

We cover food, fashion, finance, beauty, lifestyle, and the built environment.


Video editor

You are very adept with timely video editing able to create scripts for basic templates that appear in all video content. You also are familiar with closed caption programs and can run through content quickly to correct mistakes.

Over time you will acquire the ability to discern what bytes should be pulled out for each social media platform - something that plays perfectly for an IG story is not necessarily the right choice for linked in. You also geek out on the ever changing algorithms for the various social platforms.
Social media will not be the place this content goes to die ; ) All content will be aggregated and moving over to a web site in progress.

Web site manager

After covering sustainability years - it’s finally time to aggregate that content into a tiered website - b to c (business to consumer) and b to bp (business to business professional). Help create a video and photo centric easily navigated UI experience.

Database manager

@greeningfullife produces events and building out a platform to share data through podcast and/or newsletter. Help create a personalized mailing list.

Wanna help build out a real project?
Have you got approximately 10-15 (or more) hours per week?

Check out the feed @greeningfullife on IG

Be in touch with a letter of intent about how this fits into your future plans.

Looking for dependability, consistency and synergy.

This project should amplify a skill set your’e looking to grow for your future as well. 

Thank you for your submission! We will get back to you shortly!

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