Varieties of Grain


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Black Veg Fest


A celebration founded and framed by founder @omowaleadewale
‘It’s not about food’. Then delivered a message from former black panther @JalilMuntaqim

Black August - started 50 yrs ago by prisoners Jonathan and George Jackson. A month of fasting, studying and exercising summoning the discipline to become a revolutionary. 5 decades later, the issues are the same - police brutality and mass incarceration. Lets talk about how dairy is racist. Why is a product that tortures animals mandated in a community that is proven to be over 80% lactose intolerant?

@omowaleadewale closed with these gems...
Masculinity is a wider spectrum than you can imagine.
True warriors are about love first.

Public advocate (and 2nd person in charge after the mayor)@Jumaane.Williams gave space for everyone to say they are not OK with what’s going on. He emphasized the need for supporting our individual mental health. If we focus on that we can take a chunk out of police brutality. Let’s get to the root cause of the problems. Communities are starved of resources, not just food. He create a proclamation for Black VegFest day.

Believe in the mission?
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#blackvegfest2021 #blackliberation #blackvegan #foodsovereignty

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Greenpoint Terminal Market


Outdoor open space social impact shopping with the backdrop of the city. So fresh!

Seems just about every business has a social mission - woot! How bout location location location. Here are some of the food vendors on site!

@nutumoringa - (from the french ‘all of us’ highest quality superfood moringa powder, face oil, honey and chocolate. Sourced from women-led cooperatives in West Africa utilizing permaculture and sustainable agro-forestry.

@breukelen_rub - small batch spice blends made in Brooklyn

Fun fact: The highest quality moringa powder has a very deep moss green color and a velvety texture.

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Universe City


This is a post about the resilience of a vision...
‘A #communitybasedorganization
creating sustainable food systems designed FOR the community employed BY the community for the benefit OF the community of #EastNewYork Brooklyn. ‘

This particular day I was witness to how we ‘get back up’ after a crushing loss. The initially scheduled visit was to be during the first harvest of their hand built vertical/aquaponic farm. I checked in the day before only to find that they had a fire and the entire vertical and aquaponic farm was destroyed. The only thing they talked about was how grateful they were that no one was hurt and it didn’t take down the whole building. They said ‘We’re just gonna build it back better.’ wow... In that spirit on this bright and beautiful day we met some of their event partners who have cool stuff goin on... @studio.phantasmagoria @brooklynbuilderscollective @salvationpraiseseafood @indigoapparel @sonyalatorreart @yanina_may_ @maamiskitchen #WilliamsAvenuecommunitygarden

Every day their committed efforts to unite their ‘family’ are growing up, reaching out and going deeper in, to support and nourish each other. It ain’t just about the community fridge. @universecity aims to support the whole person physically, mentally, artistically and spiritually. Programming is directed by listening to the people and reflecting back with a safe space to connect, share and express themselves.

Wanna support? Of course you do! They’ve got a go fund me...