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Varieties of Grain


@Smallhold book launch, Hosted by @head_hi, Nourished by @randwiches


You know your beloved loved when a large tribe of New Yorkers knowingly comes out and stands in the gale force rain and hail to support you on your book launch
This roundup of recipes has mushrooms front and center on the plate. Recipes for all skill levels.

The host, @HeadHi is a totally rad bookstore/community gathering spot where we huddled up and mused on mycelium methods and mediums. @Smallhold grows theirs on woodchips upcycled from the timber industry #circulareconomy

@randwiches rustled up some magical lookin shroom bao buns and for the sweet - a frozen salted caramel shiitake mushroom mousse. Yes, somehow all the flavors are present and all work together.

Wanna see the magic happen irl? @Smallhold sells grow kits so put it on your wish list.
You’ll be amazed when your fruiting block blooms! It’s magical and happens sooo fast. Each block will bloom 4-6 times. Then compost the block.
That moment when #youarethesupplychain ; )

Net proceeds from every cookbook sold are donated to @FungiFoundation - world’s first NGO dedicated to fungi conservation and education. Founded by female mycologist @GiuliFungi.

Fermented foods w @blackvervain


#JessTurner is a passionate herbalist who engaged us with fermentation history, physiology and igniting a spark of curiosity about ‘the secret life’ of fermenting slaw.

The one word answer to a healthy gut biome is the same word we keep coming back to with every issue around sustainability - DIVERSITY.

Fermentation: aka: zymology or zymurgy
The oxygen based conversion of carbohydrates to alcohol or organic acids using microorganisms, yeasts or bacteria. There are multiple types of fermentations. This kraut is ‘brine based’. The oldest ferment found was in China and was over 9000 years old!

There’s a lot of aerobic activity happening with your kraut ferment - so taste often. It will need to off gas often or it will explode! Leave it out while it’s fermenting and when it tastes the way you like, refrigerate to stop the process. Sauerkraut and peanut butter on toast is delicious?
What crazy Kraut combos do you know of?

#fermentationworkshop #makesauerkraut#fermentedfoodshealyourgut #gutbiomehealth #sauerkraut

What do you know about garlic?


Where are all of my window ledge and fire escape farmers?
Gather round for garlic 101!

#yemiamu asks: Why do we plant garlic in the fall if it’s grown everywhere in the world?
Turns out it can be planted anytime. If it’s planted in the fall then the cold snap will split the garlic into the cloves we are so familiar with. If it’s planted in the spring you will just end up with one big ball.
Still tasty still wonderful just looks different.
Garlic doesn’t take up much room, it pretty much grows straight up and does not have a big root ball.
Technically you would plant it 4 inches apart (or the space between your pinky and your thumb).
What I love most, is that Yemi saw everyone planting their garlic in the fall and said fuck it I’m gonna plant mine in the spring. She didn’t Google it she just did it. #renegadefarmer

Yemi shares the existential part of planting garlic. One clove yields nine bulbs and that is a reminder of the true abundance of nature. Also - The key to an abundant garden, as in life, is diversity.
She is always pushing the limits and boundaries, asking what else can we do what else can we grow in an urban environment?

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