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The Green Roof Javits Center  
Second largest green roof in the United States sits atop new #JavitsNorth building. 6.75 acre farm completed in 2021.

Technically 2 roofs - 
The solar + sedum roof:
* 1,400 solar panels 
* Built atop existing hvac units so as not to disturb the ecosystem of existing sedum green roof.
* Battery storage in the building captures solar energy for night use. 
* This ‘microgrid’ produces over two million kilowatt-hours of solar power annually.  
* The building can self generate for 6 days

The farm + orchard is managed by Brooklyn Grange.

Fun fact:
Head farmer + head chef plan seasonal crops together.

Check out live bee cam !

#JavitsCares - redistributes leftover food and all garden scraps are composted. Ready to see it for yourself?

Check out our full coverage here!

The Green Roof Javits Center  


New Yorkers For Parks (@NY4P)
Why demand 1% of NYC overall budget go to parks?

The receipts…
@trustforpubliclands studies and measures the value if parks. NYC parks annually produce:
* 1 Billion in health are savings
* 2+ Billion in stormwater management
* 17 Billion in tourism spending
* Green spaces counter the ‘Urban heat island effect’ lowering temps up to 20° and clean the air

Let’s reconcile environmental and social justice. There is far less of a ‘green canopy’ in communities of color.
New fave term - calls to build out ‘oxygen infrastructure’
There is power in coalitions - here’s some of who was there:
@trustforpublicland @bronx_river alliance  @waterfrontalliance @nature.ny @forestforallnyc @local983 @nycparks

Fun Fact: There are 350 positions that are set to expire at the end of this fiscal year. 
Those are council funded park positions like gardeners and CSAs. Investing in parks is an integral piece to New York’s economy. Get involved - contact your local council person

#1Percent4parks #saveourparks #nycparks #parksandrec #greenspacesinurbanplaces 

Play Fair for Parks Budget Rally


@EarthCelebrations - engaging communities through the arts for ecological and social change.

The East Village NYC as you’ve probably not seen it…

@Nateandhila @TheEarthSchool
WAP ‘Wet Ass Planet’

The snap your fingers stomp your feet procession with

The winding walkways and chirping bird symphony giving countryside vibes. Perfect forest bathing backdrop for JENNY AMANDA HURWITZ ethereal voice performing
“In the Garden of Diversity”

“Pirates of the Plastic Sea” – Sixth Street Youth Program’s After School Kid

Did you know that the East Village had so many spots to reflect and be in nature?



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