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Let’s dip into cannabis culture.
Today is the last day to catch it @javitscenter

The expo covers the entire scope of the business of cannabis. Resources ranging from grow lights and fertilizers to production and consumer products. The culture of cannabis was represented through event producers, nightlife, retail shops and art.

As always, I’m drawn to products and Solopreneurs…

‘The future of happy hour’. Women of color owned, first of its kind CBD infused wine cooler. Creative blends like merlot ginger mule! Comin 1st quarter of next year

‘Layer your cannabinoids for a full entourage effect’
Pre dosed pre measured cbd oral sublinguals and topical creams.

‘Built by girls, powered by plants’
Clean ingredient vapes and topical creams and elixers.
Like seriously, 2 ingredients in the vape! Scan the symbol, get the labs. No harmful extraction.
Skincare products are organic cold pressed, locally sourced!

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@WelcometheStoneAge - female founded and led.
Next level New York nightlife.
Totally immersive yes but sooooo much more. An education, culture and advocacy museum… and a club.

Whether you are new to ‘finding your bliss’ or an og blowin blunts on the block there is something here for you.
In the stone age, cannabis is the gateway to mindfulness.

Liz and Sasha do a masterful job of engaging you throughout the space. They weave a tapestry of cannabis. From the history, to a breakdown of the types, the ingredients, and how to tailor the types to the mood you’re lookin for. They illustrate various delivery methods and how it affects the brain and body. Finally the scientific explanation of how weed makes us more creative ; )

Womens sexual health and pleasure is inextricably tied and get its own space.
While some vignettes are dark in their messaging, we are drawn in to the plight of those disproportionately affected by incarceration and the over 100 year old ‘war on drugs’.
You have to wonder how marijuana is considered a class one drug when over 100 people die from opioid overdose every single day.

The future is green. What’s your favorite part of a nightlife experience like this? #legalizeit #cannabisculture #allthewayup #immersivemuseum #marijuanamuseum #cannabiseducation