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@LegalizedNYC @PeterTosh


@LegalizedNYC  @PeterTosh
Earthsong Tribute
@SonyHall @unloc_ny

The night was about Legacy. 

Moderator extraordinaire asking all the right questions. 
Legacy panelists dropped gems all night. 
Many came to party but if you came to learn you caught this:

1st panel:

Tiffany Walters @nyscannabisconnect: 
over 60,000 potential good paying jobs in cannabis. Construction, logistics, accounting, engineering, + marketing etc.

@MikeSaes @bridgerunners
Weed should be looked at as therapy. Legacy brands/strains of today will be the Hennessey + Smirnoff of the future.

Check out our full coverage here!

#HighNy mixer @ #williamsburghotel rooftop


The Cannabis industry is conservatively estimated at over 1 billion annually in NYC. There’s ALOT going on with Cannabis legislation in NYC. Recently, @NYU hosted panel on how to build and #inclusive  #sustainablecannabis industry. Facts from that event are woven through this video. The NY Cannabis community is galvanized in getting it right, supporting those most affected by the ‘war on drugs’ aka ‘war on disinvested communities of color’.

The how :
New York is planning a two tier system like the liquor authority - manufacture or seller

Licenses will focus on Bronx,Brooklyn,  and NYCHA housing. 40% of revenue will go back into those communities most affected by the ‘war on drugs’. Local  training and hiring is first. A comprehensive block by block database of cannabis related arrests from the 1990’s has been compiled and synthesized to create lists of the people and streets that fell victim to these arrest sweeps. The goal is to provide intensive wrap around services to reinvest and create resilient communities. Price of ‘flower’ has come down from $5400. a pound to $1900. a pound in the last two years.
NY Focus will be on local outdoor growing to make it economically viable. Properly resourced equity programs can be financed through bonds against future tax revenue.

Two major areas of focus – access to capital and real estate
- A fund will be launched for dispensaries
- Incubators in development



Let’s dip into cannabis culture.
Today is the last day to catch it @javitscenter

The expo covers the entire scope of the business of cannabis. Resources ranging from grow lights and fertilizers to production and consumer products. The culture of cannabis was represented through event producers, nightlife, retail shops and art.

As always, I’m drawn to products and Solopreneurs…

‘The future of happy hour’. Women of color owned, first of its kind CBD infused wine cooler. Creative blends like merlot ginger mule! Comin 1st quarter of next year

‘Layer your cannabinoids for a full entourage effect’
Pre dosed pre measured cbd oral sublinguals and topical creams.

‘Built by girls, powered by plants’
Clean ingredient vapes and topical creams and elixers.
Like seriously, 2 ingredients in the vape! Scan the symbol, get the labs. No harmful extraction.
Skincare products are organic cold pressed, locally sourced!

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