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@abnygroup tour of Eastern Generation's Astoria Generating Station


Flanked by the East River and Luyster creek, providing about 20 percent of New York City’s power.

High pressure superheated steam is generated by boilers and used by steam turbines.
In an amazing feat of engineering, burner pipes are suspended from a superstructure as they are too hot to lay on the ground.Peak energy time is winter with many below zero days in a row. On higher capacity days engineers and technicians enter the work area with ice pack vests. After 15 minutes safety helmets begin to melt. River water cools pipes through an outer chamber, never making contact with the oil or gas and releases back into the river warmer. This ‘Hells Gate’ area has great tidal flow with surrounding waters described as ‘wild beasts’. Released warmer water is quickly recirculated. The surrounding water is cleaner than it’s ever been with more fish, which can get caught in the intake filter. The downside to a revitalized ecosystem? Wood loving marine borers are back and eating away at the foundation of New York’s bridges and piers.

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