Christmas Market


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Art reflects life and this is
‘The New Normal’
@fit_illustrationdept + @chalkfitnyc
Murals @FITNYC


Visualizing and transcending the intersection of fear, hate,
anxiety, hope, wonder and waste.

Artist reflections
In their own words…

@dvidsteinart - ‘the over abundance of masks in our current society’
@looking4leslye - ‘social media as real life squid games’
@jleecassara - ‘the big unknown of post pandemic life and dreaming of what comes next’
@cera.bella - hate is a virus
@mushblushhh - ‘how covid-19 still looms over us’
@unravelingarts - fighting the virus with arcade games

Go check them out - there are so many more!
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