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Christmas Market


Citizen Sustainability Summit
during #climateweeknyc @highlinenyc


Let’s acknowledge the role of art and design in the impact space through three very different pieces
1: What role does technology have in our future democracy?
Tech for Democracy – A Perspective on AI & Human Rights
@ceciliefalkenstrom devises an art installation that plays out an eerie game of this or that. It speculates potential technological utopias and/or dystopias of tomorrow. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to interpolate datasets scraped from various online reports and forums.

2: "The Jungle of Ears and Tongues"
An installation of wood and paper created by Danish Artist @HenrikVibskov. It is made up of folded paper objects that visualize a brightly colored jungle, inspired by the shapes of tongues and ears. The shapes are symbolic references to the essence of the summit - inspiring visitors to listen and create a dialogue around the themes of sustainability, livability and inclusivity.

3: Recycled multi use chairs from @wearelendager
These highly versatile and stackable chairs are made from recycled industrial plastic waste and wood. They contain two main design elements. 1 - each dual height chair can be flipped as a low seat or a higher seat creating a stadium seating effect on flat surface. 2 - chairs can be stacked to create divider walls.

What are your thoughts on these art and design pieces?

Art reflects life and this is
‘The New Normal’
@fit_illustrationdept + @chalkfitnyc
Murals @FITNYC


Visualizing and transcending the intersection of fear, hate,
anxiety, hope, wonder and waste.

Artist reflections
In their own words…

@dvidsteinart - ‘the over abundance of masks in our current society’
@looking4leslye - ‘social media as real life squid games’
@jleecassara - ‘the big unknown of post pandemic life and dreaming of what comes next’
@cera.bella - hate is a virus
@mushblushhh - ‘how covid-19 still looms over us’
@unravelingarts - fighting the virus with arcade games

Go check them out - there are so many more!
#muralsnyc #artreflectslife #streetartnyc #thenewnormal

Banksy: Genius or Vandal ?


New York welcomes this protagonist illustrating social inequities in our dystopian world.

Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based street artist, political activist, and film director whose real name and identity remain unconfirmed. A subversive street art exhibit that takes us through every hot button issue from police, politics and protest to excessive consumption, and surveillance. Let’s not forget ‘the game of war’. Monkeys and rats have a special place in his repertoire.

We get an inside and outside tour of ‘The worst of view in the world’.
A hotel he purchased on the border of Israel and Palestine. The most chilling piece happens to be sustainable. Upcycled welcome mats hand made by refugees from lifevests left on mediterranean beaches. Oh and that infamous piece of art that shredded at auction - (renamed ‘Love is in the Bin’) originally valued at 1.8, will be auctioned at @Sothebys London on Oct. 14 and is expected to fetch between 5-8 million.

Wanna pre-game?
Watch the documentary ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’ directed by Banksy that tells the story of Thierry Guetta, a French immigrant in Los Angeles and his obsession with street art (and Banksy).

This exhibit is a must see.

#banksynyc #streetart #politicalartist #banksyexhibition

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