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greeningfullife is built on three basic pillars




Factory farming to vertical farming. We shine a light on our food system and  it's  social + environmental implications



A wide swath that covers fortifying our built environment, furnishings, fashion, cleaning + skin care

be a better


Find out what’s going on with food, fashion + environmental legislation locally + globally - then act!

the green dot

Century Gothic

Century Gothic, is one of the most environmentally friendly typefaces as it saves roughly 30% of ink compared to its other typeface counterparts.

Logo exports Greeningfullife-02.png

Green target

This universally recognized symbol represents the targets we aim to hit with our sustainability efforts. Its concentric structure reflects on keeping our mission as our core yet adapting to ever-changing progressions within the realm of sustainability 

4 Rings

Each ring within the target represents the 3 pillars Greeningfullife is built upon: eat cleaner, live greener, be a better citizen. The fourth ring represents our adaptability towards future changes within the sustainability sphere

Intersection + Cutting edge

The slants introduced in our logos represent the intersection between various industries and our mission to introduce and educate the public on sustainability within these sectors through cutting-edge methods of thinking and creating change


Suzanne is a boots on the ground reporter, civic convener, event producer and justice warrior for sustainability.

@Greeningfullife is a one-stop hub for sustainability businesses + professionals to catch highlights take action on the latest eco events/causes.

Suzanne is actively uniting small to medium size impact-driven New York-based businesses and organizations. 

“We can drive awareness and change much faster if we collaborate across sustainability and circular economy sectors.  We share the same activated conscientious consumer.”

Current moonshots:

• building a coalition of impact-driven NY based businesses
• a green roof on every building

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